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FIFA 11: Kit Protection Remover

INFORMATION In some countries (like Germany or Switzerland) advertisment for gambling companies and alcohol are not permitted. That’s the reason why sponsors like bwin or other gambling companies and alcohol are removed in some language versions of FIFA 11 (e.g. ...

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FIFA 11: iRun

This tool allows you to enable custom match conditions and numerous tweaks to FIFA 11 along with rna hacks. Installation: Extract the file anywhere. Copy the contents of the folder and paste it to FIFA 11/Game. Regenerate and run the ...

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FIFA 11: LagBuster Mod

Do you have an old computer that runs FIFA 11 poorly? Well, this mod completely eliminates frame drops by performing numerous LUA improvements. Those include: Downsized Texture Resolution. Downsized Shadows. Reduced LoD on Higher Distances. Reduced Cloth Effects Disabled Rain ...

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Regularcat’s Final Gameplay

Our gameplay maker regularcat prepared the final version of his gameplay that will surelly change your gameplay experience in FIFA 11! The gameplay contains: – Reworked ball physics, now shots are harder, faster, you cant tell the difference between a ...

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Sponsor Patch

New patch is up for download today made by our founder Damien!He prepared a sponsor patch that will make your FIFA 11 manager mode a bit more realisitic! The patch contains 42 new sponsors for FIFA 11 Manager Mode!

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Regularcat’s FIFA 11 Realistic Gameplay

Our gameplay maker,regularcat,returned today with a big update to his gameplay!The new gameplay update contains lots and lots of new addons that will make your FIFA 11 gameplay more realistic than the last time! The gameplay update contains: EA’s Winter ...

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