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FIFA 13: Creation Studio 13

This a modding tool is similar to Creation Master tools made by Rinaldo. Currently Working Features: – Nations Add, modify nations; edit infos, graphics and audio. – Leagues Add, modify, delete leagues; add, remove teams; edit infos and graphics. – ...

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FIFA 13: Expansion Patch

This mod adds and replaces unlicensed content that was featured in Vanilla FIFA 13. Installation: 1.) Run the FIFA 13 Expansion Patch v1.3.exe. 2.) Follow the instructions.” 3.) Now run the Fifa13 i68 Regenerator by clicking on “GO!”. This progress ...

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FIFA 13: Polish League Patch 13

Features: – squads, information and budgets of T-Mobile Ekstraklasa and 1. Liga clubs for the 2012/2013 season – updated Polish national team squad – Home/Away/GK kits of T-Mobile Ekstraklasa and 1. Liga clubs (some teams also GKv2) – Home/Away/GK, GKv2 ...

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FIFA 13: Paulv2k4 Gameplay Mod

This gameplay patch has been designed to improve the game experience and removes any CPU cheating. The key difference to other patches is that I do not change any attributes/stats or team styles, just the way the game plays and ...

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