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FIFA 15: Paulv2k4’s Gameplay Mod

This is a patch that adjusts the gameplay and the AI thinking (and in the future some career stuff too). It will work with all saved careers as it does not change the database. [Features] – Difficulty changed to be ...

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FIFA 15 Evo Pack

The pack features a multitude of tools, gameplay mods and other tweaks for FIFA 15. Here’s the full list: – FIFA 15 ARENA TRAINING SELECTOR TOOL – FIFA 15 ADVANCED GAMEPLAY EVOLUTION 4 SERIES – REAL SOCCER SIMULATION SERIES – ...

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Gameplay Revolution Patch 15

Gameplay Revolution Patch 15 v30.0 Final is now available for download! This patch tries to improve several gameplay aspects: goalkeepers, defenders, attackers.. all should choose better positioning and should use more (of their) attributes & skill-set. It also increases CPU/AI ...

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