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FIFA 16: EURO 2024 & COPA AMERICA 2024 Patch

First of all, if there is someone working on another similar mod, please give notice and I will cancel the project…. After speaking with RobbieD_PL, Im in the process of updating kits, squads, graphics, adboards and adding the stadiums of ...

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FIFA Infinity Patch 16

The best and most complete patch for FIFA 16 is back with a new version for the 2023/24 season! For those who still enjoy playing on arguably the most edited version of the FIFA series, scouser09 and FIFA Infinity Team ...

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FIFA 16: Converted Faces from FC 24

These packs include all FC 24 PC faces for FIFA 16. Please note! If you found mistakes, please report them in this thread. Thank you. PC vs Nintendo Switch FC 24 on Nintendo Switch for the first time utilizes Frostbite, ...

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