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FIFA 22 Walker’s Career Realism Mod

abandoned this mod earlier but I got a little time on my hand recently and decided to play around with it again. DISCLAIMER: I only play RTG but I always like it when things are really difficult. Don’t use this ...

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FIFA 22 MCK Realism Mod

Want a more challenging and realistic FIFA 22 Career Mode experience? Then be sure to try MCK Realism Mod! The pack comes with 3 different mods! Important : USE ONLY LOOSE NOT STRICT before starting a new career mode save. ...

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FIFA 22 Walker’s Licenses Patch

This is the first version of my free licenses mod. This mod is for European careers only!!!! Changelog VERSION 1.0 Licenses Juventus, Atalanta, Lazio and AS Roma with real names, kits, flags, banners etc. Licenses several competitions with graphics, overlay ...

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InnFormation FIFA 22 Career Realism Mod

Looking for an overhauled Career Mode experience in FIFA 22? Works with TU17 Here’s what InnFormation FIFA 22 Career Realism Mod includes: General changes Changed the maximum number of players in squads to 42 from 52. This helps with transfer ...

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FIFA 22 Realistic Attendance Mod

This mod tweaks the stadium attendance in FIFA 22 to reflect real life. Features 1) Teams in lower leagues usually attract around 50% to 60% of their fanbase except on important matches or when they perform well, where they usually ...

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