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FIFA 23 – Anthem Jackets Mod

Anthem Jackets mod for FIFA23 that includes: 36 clubs (including all Premier League clubs) Away + Third jackets New clubs More to come in future versions In total 94 anthem jackets for the 2022/23 season!

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FIFA 23 Better Menu Mod

My goal was to make the menu in FIFA 23 Career Mode more usability friendly. Features in Career Mode: -Start button: Save -Select button: Game Settings -RT button: Calendar -Swapped “Press conference” button with “Play match” button -Added under “Customise”: ...

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FIFA 23 Ultimate Create-A-Club Mod

This mod is currently a WIP, currently having 17 club badges (list below) and 3 kit sets. Requests for clubs to add and kit design ideas are not only accepted, but encouraged as I want to provide the best CAC ...

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FIFA 23: GK Pro Camera Fix

My mod improves the GK Pro Camera in Career Mode, like the one I made for FIFA 22. EA unsurprisingly still has not fixed the GK camera glitch, so I took it upon myself (again) to fiddle around with editing ...

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