FIFA Converter v21.05.08

New version of my tool;
Multiple options for editing Textures & Models for various games,
and exclusive options (like logo/minis import) for fifa 11 !

-> Check ‘ChangeLog’ to see what s changed

Features :
– Textures
* All rx3 texture formats (from all games) supported: Convert/import/export textures
* Rx2 texture formats supported: Export/convert textures from FIFA 07/08/euro08/09 (Xbox360)
* Formats supported: A8R8G8B8, GREY8, GREY8ALFA8, DXT1, DXT3, DXT5, ATI1, ATI2
* Big/little endian textures supported
* Tiled textures (rx2) supported
* Export/Import in dds / png
* Add rx3 templates for any game
* Automatic sizing/Formats options
* various other options: Remove transparant, copy name table, …

– Models
* Convert from: any rx3 + rx2 (FIFA 07/08/euro08/09 – XBOX360)
* Convert to: any rx3
* Convert what: balls (any), shoes (any rx3), faces, body (some)
* Automatic moving/scaling: example head placements on body
* Create empty rx3 ball template files, for use in blender !
* CFC support: Export/Import vertices to blender (based on jor1980′ scripts: credits to him! )

– Kit Numbers
* Color RGB templates (based on teamkits table)
* generate specific kitnumbers (from teamkits table)

– FIFA 11
* Hair texture convert (New fifas to FIFA 11)
* Haircolours: Fix name table
* Generic haircolours: color RGB templates (FIFA 21 colors)
* Shoes: Fix to create new format (1 file with 2 textures)
* Directly convert rx2 to rx3 (FIFA 11), without templates: example stadiums, files with changing number of textures (glares)
* Artassets: Import mini-kits, mini-faces, team-logos, Countryflags from dds (with auto sizing to FIFA 11 formats)

– Other
* Change player/team ids, based on a change-list, at lists or filenames
* Decompress / Compress Files: Chunkzip, Chunkref, 10FB, …
* Create a filelist

* All known Skeletons-sheet : here

* tokke001 (program)
* Dmitri, Beedy (research)
* Rinaldo, jor1980
* Re_coded, chesfunk, asr2001totti, DoradoOroOro, valambrosio2, xulang (Testing/support)
* support from the forum !

Auto Install PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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