FIFA 10 PC Pitch Color Patch

Today, we are happy to release our final stuff for FIFA 10 PC. The patch you have been waiting for long time: MonkeyDragon’s Pitch Color patch!

==== FEATURES ====
– “Moving Turf” effect for Dynamic camera
– True green color
– True lightning effect for SUNNY turf.

==== HOW TO INSTALL ====
– There is INSTALL / UNINSTALL button for 4 kinds SUNNY – NIGHT – SUNSET – OVERCAST
– Choose patch you desire and click button


Report Missing File !

Author: MonkeyDragon


  1. super work

  2. thank you so much!
    great work

  3. thanks, it’s very grat work. I’m waiting for a kit tool 🙂

  4. I dnt know how to download kindly help me out…

  5. Are you serious ? Do you still play FIFA 10 ?
    Can’t you run FIFA 11 ?

  6. I wa shaving prob with my explorer now as i have dowloaded it kindly tell me which files should i replace with the new patch…

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