Classic Patch 14 v.2.7

Classic Patch 14 by GIGGIRIVA, atomasoni and acicog

The latest version of FIFA Classic Patch 14 is here! No need multiple installation, it’s All-In-One. You have only to replace the “db” folder with our archives. Now available for download featuring many features like:

-World Cup 1930 – 2018 (for 2014 – thanks to FIFA ARGENTINA) (for 2018 – Thanks Ovide)
-Euro Cup 1960 – 2016
-Confederations Cup 1992 – 2017
-World Cup Not Qualified Teams 1930 – 1998 (plus 2014 – thanks to FIFA ARGENTINA)
-Olympic Games 1908 – 1948
-Bicentennial Cup USA 1976
-Mundialito 1980
-Le Tournoi de France 1997

-European Cup 1955-60 – 1960-65 – 1965-70 – 1970-75 – 1975-80 – 1980-85 – 1985-90 – 1990-95 – 1995-00 – 2000-05 – 2005-10
-Latina Cup 1950-55 – 1955-60
-Copa Libertadores 1960-65 – 1965-70 – 1970-75 – 1975-80 – 1980-85 – 1985-90 – 1990-95 – 1995-00 – 2000-05
-Mitropa Cup 1930-35 – 1935-40
-Tournament Expo 1937
-NASL Soccerbowl
-Single tournament European Cup/UEFA Champions league from 1970-71 till 2009-10

Now is more easier with the new system. We divided the DB and dlc in decades!
Choose one decades DB and click on “extract here” and overwrite all. The DB are located in FIFA 14/Game/Data.
Choose the same decades tournament and click on “extract here” and overwrite all. They are located in FIFA 14/Game



It’s recommended to use a clean install of FIFA 14 for this patch. No other patches installed.

Manual Installation:
-uncompress the rar files;
-overwrite the Game folder (yes to all);
-regenerate bh files;

For regenerate you can use these tools:
-File Master by Rinaldo;
-i68 Controller by iard68;
Creation Master 16 by Rinaldo (Tools > Regenerate BH);

NOTE: with the Creation Master you have only to Regenerate BH. Don’t save.




GIGGIRIVA (Database, Kits, Faces, tournaments, Balls, Gloves, Shoes, Adboards, Fonts, Flags, Others Graphics)
andreatomasoni (Database, patch management, adboards)
acicog (Database, Kits, patch website and facebook management)
Abramwade (Pitch pattern used for NASL)
afwan11 (Faces)
ahmedraul777 (Database 2002 WC)
AleGN (WC 2002 Kits)
Alex_AA (Faces)
Andrimod (boots)
anto73 (kits)
arcz (Faces)
arsenal22 (Stadiums)
Babos112 (WC 1998 Jamaica, Scotland, USA Database)
BFL TEAM (Stadiums)
bizzybg (Faces)
BM_raventale (Faces)
Buffon99 (kits)
Cestero (Miniheads)
Chootwice (Miniheads)
clubfan79 (Varius Graphics)
daemon (kits)
darrek1988 (Faces, Stadiums)
Deus84 (Database Research)
DeWoo (Balls)
eapgl.blogsky.com* (faces)
Ealixo (Faces)
EgorPl (Faces)
esteghlal f.c (WC 1998 Kits)
fakefisher (Stadiums)
Fernando Nieto (Kits)
FIFADome (Faces)
Franek93 (Faces)
FV Bart (Faces)
Gonzaga (Stadiums)
graysky (banner)
Guarin_91 (Faces)
gurke01 (Jörg) (Varius Graphics)
gurkenjoe (Miniheads)
HarryBullZak (Faces)
hemiunu (Nike Mercurial 9 SE 15th anniversary)
IL Diavolo (Faces)
Ionutiulian92 (Miniheads)
iwasateenagewer (Miniheads)
ixvitesse (FIfa 15 Xbox Legends Faces)
jackslapd234 (Stadiums)
Jamilovic (Miniheads)
Jan Doromoniec (Tatics)
jiimmyvidic (WC 1998 Chile Database)
Jimboni66 (Varius Graphics)
john_shadow8 (Boots)
Jonix (kits)
jorge78 (Mitre Ball Model, Euro 2000-2004 ball)
josepa94 (Kits)
jovanu1992 (Miniheads)
Lagwagon93 (Faces)
katoon999 (Faces)
maleks2010 (Faces)
mamounet3105 (Kits & Database – kits)
manecobra (Many South American Teams DB)
MarriedJul95 (WC 1998 Colombia Database)
michalskoda (Euro 2004 kits)
MiDoBesT (faces)
migue21sev (Miniheads)
mita996 (Faces)
Moddingway Staff (Faces, Menu Layout)
mfxs17 (Miniheads & Flags)
mundofifakits (kits)
murilocrs (Faces)
Murillo 14 (kits)
OM93 (Kits, wipes3d)
Ovide (Kits, Dressing stadiums, WC 2018 Patch)
pacote (Faces)
plaster (Kits, adboards, graphics)
Pillowbiter (Faces)
PGGloves78 (Gloves)
poliphemus (Stadiums)
RALE (Faces)
ramzidz15 (Faces)
RavenFCB (Stadiums)
Re_coded (Stadiums files)
rescalon (Database Research)
rique (balls)
Robbin (kits)
robeskimo (db Euro 1980-2004 – kit research Euros, research files)
Ron69 (Balls)
Rossoneri22 (Faces)
saintric (Kits)
SC_Fahad (Miniheads)
Sepak (Trophy Models)
Serpicojr (Faces)
shadow_boy32 (Faces)
Shawminator (Stadiums)
SieL23 (Faces)
$ido (Stadiums)
Simo4u (Faces)
skey295 (WC 1990-1994 Kits – Euro 1992 Kits)
Sckrat_Rus (Faces)
Shanrul (Faces)
Sharaevich (Faces)
steven2212 (Miniheads)
Stian (Kits & Miniheads)
Syverud (WC 98 Norway Database)
superwagon (Stadiums)
The Crew (Database 2002 WC)
Telega12 (Faces)
Tilm28 (Kits)
TonyKroos (Kits)
twich (Stadiums)
vinloo (db – kits)
vinloo_9 (Faces, Miniheads)
vickman12 (Fifa 15 Converted Files)
VictorHugoB15 (kits)
vk (Various files and ideas)
yanfer (kits)
yanis080189 (Faces)
willams9991 (Stadiums)
Wallcowicky (Kits, Kitsnumers)
Wujek (Faces)
zubinr9 (Faces, Miniheads)

great thanks to http://www.fifaplanet.de/

http://eapgl.blogsky.com/* faces taken from EAPGL 2.0 MDW patch

great thanks to FIFA ARGENTINA for the 2014 WORLD CUP PATCH, we used a lot of kits and files from them!

a special thanks to Rinaldo for his tools

another special thanks to scouser09 for Revolution Mod 14


Not Compatible With Career Mode Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


Report Missing File !

Author: Classic Patch


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