WWT Mega Facepack

This facepack contains over 300 high quality faces for FIFA 15 players.

You need to ensure that you have the latest version of Revolution Mod by scouser09. It is also recommended that you install Creation Master by Rinaldo and FIFA Regenerator by iard68.

WorldWideTeam does not take any responsibility in case of crashed games. In addition, we would like to emphasize that our mods do not affect the game’s normal functioning when properly installed. In any case, you are expected to create a backup of your game to avoid loss of game progress.

Mods can be installed by simply placing the downloaded contents in your FIFA directory. After doing so, use the Regenerator  to apply the files to the game.

To install faces, just place the given folder in your Game directory and regenerate using any appropriate tool. For kits, you can use CM15 to import them. File Master (RX3 Master) is recommended to import the .png files into .rx3 first before importing to CM15. For squad updates, place the db (fifa_ng_db.db) in the directory: Game/data/db/. Please ensure that you make a back-up of your existing db in case of any errors while transferring/copying/downloading the file. Please note that the squad files are tested on different systems before being released. We try our best to make sure that our mods are bug free, but in the case of such a bug occurring, please contact us via E-mail, twitter, DISQUS, or the SG Forums.

WorldWideTeam provides mods for free. So please do spare some time to leave us comments for our work on our e-mail, twitter, the DISQUS page on the site, or via the SG forum thread.

Credit to our WorldWideTeam

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Online Compatible PC Compatible Needs Revolution Mod


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