FIFA 16: New Night Lighting Mod v.1.0

It’s here guys! I’ve created 29 new night lighting looks to completely refresh the game. I’ve always found the night lighting/colours in this game to be quite bad and I think these changes bring it to life much more.

There’s also a small pitch mod included, which is an addition that just ‘softens’ up the pitch patterns to create a subtle but more natural look.

Everything you need is in the download (including the pitch mod and the ReShade).

Make sure you go through the Read Me file before installing. If you follow all of the steps it will work no issues.

A couple of reminders –

1. These looks are designed for NIGHT/Clear matches only. Some might work well with other conditions, but they weren’t created that way (the lighting/textures/colour changes quite a bit with different conditions).

2. If you’re using any other pitch mod then it will look different to how it is intended (the change in pitch textures has an impact on the look)

3. Certain looks will look better in particular stadiums or with particular teams. This is just down to the colours which fit and may have needed changing to achieve the particular look.

4. Not ALL of the effects should be active for every look. Some shouldn’t be activated in each preset so you DON’T need to activate all. If they load correctly some should be activated, some shouldn’t.

5. Ignore how it looks in the game MENU screens. The look will fit once you’re in stadium.

6. The way it comes looks right on my screen, but I would imagine there will be some differences depending on your monitor/TV. Adjust according to your own tastes.

7. If you make changes, they will STAY. If you want to make adjustments I recommend making a copy of that preset first, or keep a backup of the original presets.

8. An OPTIONAL effect is Luma Sharpen – use if you prefer a sharper look.

9. If you already have a ReShade installed for 16, you will need to uninstall it first.

Enjoy! …and keep an eye out for updates/newer versions as well as a Day Lighting pack coming soon. For more updates and feedback please check this thread.

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: Anth