Pre-Season-Tournaments Patch Beta 1.0

Tournaments featured:

– Audi Cup
– Florida Cup
– Emirates Cup
– Cape Town Cup
– Copa Euroamericana
– Colonia Cup
– Atlantic Cup
– Barclays Asia Trophy
– International Champions Cup

This patch replaces the default generic EA tournaments with real ones, including stadium dressings, adboards, real names, real balls and some little menu improvements.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Will it destroy my DB or can I keep play my other careers?
– No, this mod doesn’t change anything on the DB for now, so your career saves will still work as expected

2. Is this mod compatible with Moddingway Mod?
– Yes, I added specific loc files for the latest MW Mod (1.8.1)

3. Sometimes the nations of the tournaments are not like in reality!
– Sadly, I didn’t found a way to change this for now, the nations are selected randomly. Fortunately the biggest tournament (Int. Champions Cup) is always right and in the US

4. Emirates Cup should be played in the Emirates Stadium and Audi Cup in the Allianz Arena!
– Same as 3., I didn’t found a way to change the stadiums for now

5. When playing in stadiums with animated adboards I don’t have the new adboards.
– This patch doesn’t feature animated adboards. You can easily fix that by adding the following line into your cl.ini



Patch requirement: Revolution Mod by scouser09

1. Copy all the files from either the “Default Game” or the “Moddingway Mod” folder into your FIFA 16 folder
2. Regenerate
3. Done


– Revolution Mod (by scouser 09)
– trophy graphics (by Blutgrätsche)
– Moddingway Mod files (by Ariel)

Enjoy and please keep my informed about any flaws or if you find a way to change stadiums or nations.

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Manual Install Online Compatible PC Compatible Needs Revolution Mod


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Author: Cesc Fabregas

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