Women’s Football Patch Beta V3.0

Full Leagues (2018 or 2017/18 seasons)
Full Leagues (2018 or 2017/18 seasons):
Argentina: Campeonato de Fútbol Femenino
Australia: Westfield W-League
Austria: ÖFB-Frauenliga
Belgium: Super League Vrouwenvoetbal
Brazil: Brasileiro Feminino
Colombia: Liga Águila Femenina
Czech Republic: I. liga žen
Denmark: 3F-ligaen
England: FA WSL 1, FA WSL 2, FA Women’s Premier League
France: Division 1 Féminine
Germany: Allianz Frauen Bundesliga, 2. Frauen Bundesliga *
Iceland: Pepsideild Kvenna
Italy: Serie A
Japan: Nadeshiko League
Korea Republic: WK League
Mexico: Liga MX Femenil
Netherlands: Eredivisie Vrouwen
New Zealand: National Women’s League
Norway: Toppserien
Philippines: PFF Women’s League **
Poland: Ekstraliga
Portugal: Liga Futebol Feminino Allianz
Russia: Top Division
Scotland: SWPL
Spain: Liga Femenina Iberdrola
Sweden: Damallsvenskan, Elitettan
Switzerland: Nationalliga A
United States: NWSL, NCAA D1 ***

* Reserve teams substituted with Regionalliga teams.
** 2016/17 teams as this is the most recent season.
*** 30 teams.

Additional Teams
-62 National teams.
-Extra domestic teams in rest of world league.

Additional Tournaments
-UEFA Women’s Champions League.
-Copa Libertadores Feminina.
-FIFA Women’s World Cup.
-UEFA Women’s Euro.
-Copa América Femenina.
-CONCACAF Women’s Championship.
-AFC Women’s Asian Cup.
-Africa Women Cup of Nations.

-Recent transfer update for most leagues (Winter 2017/18).
-Women only career mode.
-Over 12,000 new and edited female players.
-Over 160 new faces.
-Real adboards for some teams.
-Generic adboards for all leagues.
-Female referees.
-Referee kits for some leagues.
-Realistic crowd sizes.
-Correct stadium seat colours for some teams.
-Real kit name and number fonts for some teams.
-MLS XI replaced by second Classic XI.
-Adidas XI replaced by Audax/Corinthians.
-Male gender changed to female in career mode hub (English only).

Selector Tool
-Career mode compdata (default).
-Tournament mode compdata (additional tournaments in tournament mode, career mode will not work).
-Choice of default or WFP theme.
-Fix compdata function for CM16 edits.

OlliX (DB, Kits, Faces, Other Graphics)
scouser09 (DB, Kits, Other Graphics)
Stokstaartje95 (DB, Minifaces)

marcas (DB, Kits, Other Graphics)
isac (DB)
muchachuela (DB, Kits, Other Graphics)
andrea1897 (DB)
pollard7545 (DB)
goldmonk (Graphics)
newhouse (Kits, Kit Numbers)

a L E x _ 1 O (Balls)
krisaju95 (Faces)
Hinsterbender (Adboards)
Anamorph (Kit Numbers)
Voleck (Kits)
robmar85 (Kits)
Moswell (Kits)
NaFeR (Minikit Shadow)
nabo78 (Boot Conversion)
makispla (Kits, Kit Numbers)
EmilianoVidela (Kits)
Daniel Faccio (Kits)
Calvarez (Kits)
Rinaldo (FifaLibrary16.dll)

If you use Creation Master 16 and save, you must use WFP Selector program to fix compdata.  See read me file for more information including installation instructions.

Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: scouser09

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  1. Love it!

  2. I’d like to have this for FIFA 17, not FIFA 16

  3. how did you make it work? help i am having error

  4. What kind of error? Please describe as detailed as possible.

  5. hi! I copied all the files on the folder, but I cant see the leagues nor the changes?

    A while ago I copied it and it was there, I reinstalled my fifa 16, then copied it again and now it wont work 🙁

  6. Make sure that you have regenerated. And read on the instructions and use the selector tool.

  7. Can u send a more detailed one? Thanks

  8. Women’s Football Patch Beta V2 when ?

  9. tem pra ps2 não ?

  10. Will this still be updated? Because when I add a female player thru the CM16 and I do the Compufix it makes all team, and league names dissappear. and no newsletters anymore in career mode.

    Is there a fix or I just can’t add a new player thru the CM16?

  11. Leandro Machado

    I loved it! It was so difficulty to find patches with women´s teams. Please, continue update it. Unfortunately we dont have patches like this for xbox and playstation.

  12. Leandro Machado

    Nunca vi. Se não encontrar nas lojas, compre o jogo original para PC no site ORIGIN.

  13. Leandro Machado

    If u just copy the files it doesnt work. Read all the steps in Readme file.

  14. Carlos Henrique

    The names are wrong I will regenerate for the CM16.
    Another thing the game modes are normal, there I go by so the career mode does not open.

  15. How do you install this mod on FIFA 16? The instructions on the readme consist of only two very short sentences and don’t tell you everything. What do you have to do after having downloaded the mod?
    Could someone provide all the due steps, please?

  16. HELP. I put the files in fifa 16. I regenerated with the master file and everything ready, but when opening, it loads only the start and before choosing the languages ​​it closes. what am I doing wrong? help me.

  17. Joseph Fantoni

    What do you mean that you renegerated everything with the master file? What is this master file, mate?

  18. Joseph Fantoni

    Yes, but the problem is that the readme consists of only two instructions, which are to put the files inside the folder and then use the selection tool. That is not enough it seems, because my game, while showing the right launcher (the one with the two females footballers) it’s the same as the vanilla/original version.

  19. I do not know very well what it serves in its entirety, but it seems it helps to navigate through the large files where the textures of the game are, we can import and export images, text files, rx3, dds, etc.

  20. Have you tried using one of the programs linked inside the Readme for regenerating the files? There’s one that does the regeneration bit automatically. I used one of ’em but still the mod wouldn’t work. I can’t really understand what one should do. You copy the files and then? I regenerated them and then used the selector but nothing changed apart from the menu’s launcher. Maybe we have to use CM16 in order for the mod to work?

  21. I only used the file master, one of the regenadores that I chose did not work. what I did, was to copy the files to the game. then regenerate with file master. then I used the pacth selector and chose to switch to career mode and theme selection. The problem is that it started the menu and the game was dropped and the names were not correct.

  22. Joseph Fantoni

    Have you tried choosing tournament mode and then using the compdata fix anyway?

  23. I think that you are missing an important step.

    – First. Backup / Copy the original file “locale.big” (at .. your fifa folderdataloc) to another folder
    – Open file “locale.big” using a program (Im using “FinalBIG” because CM 16 is not working here)
    – Edit “locale.big”. Delete all files EXCEPT “LOCALE.INI” and save (at .. your fifa folderdataloc).
    – Copy the womens football patch to your fifa folder
    – start WFPSelector and install (Career mode or Tournament mode, you cant use both at the same time i think)
    – now click on “fix compdata”
    – start FIFA16_FHL-BH-Editor and click on “regenerate files”
    – Start Fifa16 game

    OBS 1: FIRST OF ALL backup your original file “locale.big”, any problem just copy the original file to you fifa folder and try again.

    OBS 2: There are some bugs (Brazil and others south america tournaments but NWSL (USA), Europe, Asia, Australia… are working)

    Done. It works for me. So tell me if you can play now.
    Sry for my bad english.

  24. Ok I managed to download FinalBig, but the problem is that as soon as I load the locale.ini and select the files to be deleted FinalBig ALWAYS freezes, telling me that it’s “not responding”.

  25. Nice! You´re welcome. We can play UEFA Women´s Euro, Concacaf Cup, champions league and others. Select
    Tournament / Argentina / … now choose.

  26. My game crashes after the start menu, everything seems to be fine before that. It shows the 2 women on the start menu then it crashed when I pressed start, do you know what might cause this?

  27. Barcelona x Madrid is working here.
    Did you follow all the steps that I said? If u missed just one, it does not work.

    What´s your FIFA 16 version? Do you have a DVD to install?
    I bought this game on the Origin site.

    – I suggest you to backup your save files (copy to another folder)
    – Uninstall the game (delete ALL the files) and make a CLEAN INSTALL of FIFA16
    – Update the last version of the game
    – Install the women´s patch again (Follow ALL the instructions that I wrote before)

    OBS: After install the women´s patch, you CAN´T USE the game option “update teams”. We have to wait another update patch from FIFA infinity site.

    OBS: You have to edit the file “locale.big” (read the instructions), don´t forget.

  28. Make sure you regenerate all files after copying everything. If you make any changes with CM16 then reapply the fix through the provided exe. Also if for some reason your teams break (teamabb or something like that) then first make sure you edited everything you wanted to (be it with CG file explorer or CM16) you regenerate first, then fix your combdata with the exe and then copy the language database (Manual Installdataloc) into your fifa folder and do NOT regenerate then, or else the loc will break again.

  29. Did all of these steps multiple times but it crashes everything I press start at “press start” screen. Only thing i didnt use was BH-editor because I cant find it. I did use File Master to regen but game crashes everytime at the press start screen.

  30. File Master is not working here. It crashes on my computer.
    The link that I download BH-editor is not available anymore. I used this tool only to regenerate files, I dont know if there is a difference between BH editor and File Master. If you did ALL the steps, I dont know what is the problem. Please someone that used File Master, help him!

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