FIFA 18 – Convert Ini files to Cheat Table​ Tool

Another year, another attempt. I’ve tested in on scout.ini and simsettings.ini and seems to work fine for me. Don’t have time to test every possible .ini file, so I’m counting on you guys! 😛

How to use:
1. Run “FIFA 18 – IniToCT.exe”
2. On the left side check which .ini files you want to edit.
3. Press “open selected in notepad”. This will open selected .ini files in text editor for easier editing.
4. Make your changes.
5. Save .ini files. (CTRL+S in most text editors)
6. Go back to “IniToCT 18” window.
7. Press “Convert!” button.
8. After successful conversion you should have “Converted.CT” in your “IniToCT 18” folder.
9. Open it with Cheat Engine.
10. Run FIFA 18
11. Open “FIFA18.exe” process in Cheat Engine.
12. Activate script in Cheat Engine

Career Mode Compatible Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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Author: Aranaktu

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  1. hi, can i just copy the edited .ini file into fifa folder? would it still work?

    meaning i dont have to activate cheatengine each time

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