FIFA 19 – CM Cheat Table (v.1.3.1)

Long week, right? FIFA Career mode cheat table is back again. Play FIFA 19 on your rules.

CM Cheat Table is designed for Manager career mode. Scripts may work or may not work in player career mode, especially if you are using player created by your own. I don’t care about the journey mode, sorry.

And as last year, cracked version is not supported and no, it doesn’t mean that cheat table is not working with cracked version. Just if something is not working then it’s because you are using cracked version. I hope it’s clear now.

If you are new to CM Cheat Table stuff:
To run this tool I recommend you to install Cheat Engine 6.7 or newer.
What is Cheat Engine?

Read this: FIFA 19 CM Cheat Table – README

And watch Cheat Table Video Tutorials by UC Nerd

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– CE 6.8.3 is now required to use Cheat Table.
– Added ‘Generate new report’ script to ‘Youth Academy’ section
– Added pagination to FUT Clone
– Added “Don’t copy attributes” checkbox to FUT Clone – ‘randomize_shoe_models.lua’ script will not also set shoedesigncode on 0.
– Added ‘medium_socklenghtcode.lua’ to ‘users lua scripts’
– Minor bug fixes in GUI

– ‘Free Fly Camera’ is also working with gamepad now.
– Fixed bug in player editor. Now you can edit players through GUI even if you don’t have internet connection.

– Added ‘Free Fly Camera’ script to ‘Non-CM Related’ section

– Added ‘Generate players with custom ID’ script to ‘Youth Academy’ section

– Added ‘Clone’ option to player editor (You can copy data from FUT card to any of your CM players)

– Fixed in Schedule Editor:
– League games are now displayed correctly if the month contains national team games.
– Form is not pinned by default anymore

– Added description in all scripts. To see it you need to right click on script -> ‘Change Script’.
– Minor bug fixes in GUI

– Added ‘randomize_shoe_models.lua’ script to ‘users lua scripts’
– Fixed: Player current age will not be reset anymore if you ‘Apply changes’ in GUI.

– Added “FIXTURE EDITOR” (HOW TO USE: http://bit.ly/schedule-editor-19)
– Added ‘Pin’ icon to all GUI forms. Use to make window stay always on top
– Added ‘Resize’ icon to all GUI forms (bottom right corner). You can resize any form.
– Fixed calulating player ovr in GUI (replaced math.floor with math.round Im still not including int. rep.)


– Fixed ‘Half Length’ script
– Removed ‘all regens (makes everyone retire).lua’ script. (It was causing game crashes on 2nd season)

– Fixed ‘Transfer.ini & Transfers.ini’ script
– Added ‘Time Of Day’ to ‘Match Settings’
– Added ‘Disable player growth and decline’ script.
– Added ‘make everyone 16 (or any other age).lua’ to ‘users lua scripts’
– Added ‘all regens (makes everyone retire).lua’ to ‘users lua scripts’
– ‘cmsettings.ini’ contains default settings now.

– Added Cheat Table installer.
– Added ‘Play As Player’ Section. All scripts for player career mode will be added here for now.
– Added ‘Positive decision on transfer request’ script to ‘Play As Player’.
– Added ‘Edit Transfer Bid’ script to ‘Play As Player’.
– Fixed ‘100% chance for 5* skill moves’ script.
– Added ‘users lua scripts’ folder with ‘randomize.lua’ and ‘untuck_shirts.lua’

– Fixed “Database Tables” Script.

– Minor bug fixes

– Fixed bug causing not displaying minifaces of a players with headtypecode == 0
– Added icons bodytypecodes to the dropdown
– Detecting if cheat table is not unziped (error will be displayed)

– Game will not longer crash after deactivating “Dont Pause Game on AltTab” script
– You don’t need to be in main menu to activate cheat table anymore. You can run cheat table even before you run FIFA.

– Added ‘Head Class Code’ to GUI
– Another fix in LIP (invalid interpetation of offsets)
– Added hotkey for ‘Search player by ID’. It’s ‘Enter’ be default, can be changed in settings.
– Added ‘Clear Cached Files’ and ‘Restore Default Settings’ buttons to main settings.

– Added GUI
– Removed unnecessary ‘More efficient training’ scripts.

– Fixed Following scripts:
– Edit Player
– Edit Existing Job Offers
– Unique Sprint Style
– In-Game Hacks
– Added ‘Non-CM Related’ section. Here will be all scripts which are not strict related to career mode only.
– Added ‘CreatePlayerMax = 999’ to ‘Non-CM Related’. This should allow you to create 999 players, instead of 30.
– Moved ‘Dont Pause Game on AltTab’ to ‘Non-CM Related’
– Added missing ‘Salah’ bodytype to dropdown options
– Added missing hair colors to dropdown options
– Added all nationalities to dropdown options
– Added pointer for “Jersey Number” to “Editing Player”->”Edit Player”
– Added ‘Form’ -> ‘Disable form’ (Didn’t tested)

– Added FIFA Database -> Database Tables -> Teams Table
– Fixed Following scripts:
– Edit Player
– Edit Existing Job Offers
– Unique Sprint Style

– Added FIFA Database -> Database Tables -> Teams Table
– Fixed Following scripts:
– Edit Player
– Edit Existing Job Offers
– Unique Sprint Style

– Fixed Following scripts:
– Morale

– Fixed Following scripts:
– Free & Unlimited Releasing Players
– Match Settings -> Half Length
– In-Game Hacks -> Match score

– Game will not longer crash after activating Training Everyday script
– Fixed Following scripts:
– Free & Unlimited Releasing Players
– Edit Player
– Unique Sprint Style

– Added “Regens” -> “Disable Player Regens”
– Fixed Following scripts:
– Training Everyday
– Unlimited Training Sessions
– Edit Existing Job Offers

– Fixed Following scripts:
– Dont Pause Game on AltTab
– Morale
– Unlock “Edit Player” in career menu

– Fixed editing player name (Pointer shouldn’t point on nullbyte anymore)
– Added “More efficient training (x100)”
– Added “More efficient training (x9999)”
– Added “board.ini” to “Manager” section (Not sure if it’s working)
– Added “Manager Rating – 99” to “Manager” section
– Added “seasoncount = 1” to “Manager” section (it’s for unlimited career mode)
– Added “joboffer.ini” to “Job Offer” section
– Renamed “Edit Job Offers” script to “Edit Existing Job Offers” and moved it to “Job Offer” section.
– Added “Youth Player Retire At Age = 30” to “Youth Academy” section
– Added “teamplayerlinks Table” to “FIFA Database”
– Added “Unique Player Movement”
– Added “Alt + Tab Disconnect bypass” and now it’s called “Dont Pause Game on AltTab”

– Fixed trait names
– Added Unlimited Substitutions/Disable Substitutions
– Added script for maniuplating Match score
– Added ‘Home/Away Team Injured players’
– Added pointers for player name and birthdate to “Edit Player”
– Added “Edit Job Offer”
– Added “career_managerpref Table” & “teamstadiumlinks Table”
– Added “Change Stadium”, “Half Length”, “Weather” to “Match Settings”
– Added “More efficient training (10x)”

– Added Side Changer (Just remember that you need to change Controller ID from ‘0’ to ‘4’ if you are playing on keyboard)
– Added ‘5 star skill moves’. To ‘In-Game Hacks’
– Added Player Contract (same as last year)
– Added Transfer HUB (same as last year)
– Added Transfer Window Configuration (Changes in transfer.ini and transfers.ini has been made by EA, we need to wait for FrostyTool)
– Added More efficient training (Edit script to match your preferences, by default it’s only slightly better than EA config.)

– Added filter for manager table (It should be possible to edit managerhead via game news panel)
– Added Youth Academy (There is still problem with ‘100% chance for 5* skill moves’ will be fixed later…)
– Added Unlimited Training Sessions – Added Training Everyday


Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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