FIFA 21 NAC Patch v.2.1

FIFA 21 NAC (National And Club) Patch – 126 National Teams

The patch adds 77 new national teams in FIFA 21 with licensed kits and real banners. The mod supports Chinese and English language.

Mod also include:

– The latest FIFA21 official squads
– The number of career mode national teams in history
– The most realistic World Cup structure in career mode
– The most complete Intercontinental Cup content in career mode

Here are the main contents of the patch

New Teams:

Croatia Japan Nigeria Costa Rica
Serbia Korea Republic Senegal Jamaica
Ukraine Saudi Arabia Ghana Honduras
Bosnia and Herzegovina Iran Algeria El Salvador
Montenegro Qatar Morocco Curaçao
San Marino Iraq Tunisia Panama
Albania United Arab Emirates Mali Haiti
North Macedonia Syria Burkina Faso Trinidad & Tobago
Belarus Thailand Congo DR Dominican Republic
Georgia Uzbekistan Guinea
Israel Jordan Uganda
Cyprus Bahrain Cape Verde Islands
Luxembourg Oman Benin
Armenia Lebanon Gabon
Estonia Vietnam Congo
Faroe Islands Kyrgyzstan Kenya
Azerbaijan Palestine Zimbabwe
Kosovo Korea DPR Guinea-Bissau
Lithuania Tajikistan Angola
Latvia Philippines Gambia
Slovakia Kuwait


Intercontinental Cups:
Africa Cup of Nations(24 teams for 6 groups) Career mode and Tournament mode 2021 JUN offset 2 years
Gold Cup (12 teams for 3 groups) Career mode and Tournament mode
2021 JUN offset 2 years, each groups top 2 teams advanced to South American Cup
European Cup qualifiers (55 UEFA 10 groups for 24 European Cup seats)Career mode 2022 SEP
European Cup (24 tems for 6 groups) support Career mode and Tournament mode 2020 JUN
AFC Cup (24 teams for 6 groups)top 12 team to World Cup qualifying Career mode and Tournament mode 2023 JUN
South American Cup(16 teams for 4 groups)support Career mode and Tournament mode 2024 JUN
World Cup support Career mode and Tournament mode 2022 JUN
AFC Champions League support Career mode and Tournament mode
Club World Cup support Career mode each years DEC
CONCACAF Champions League support Career mode each years SEP

New World Cup Qualifier System:
Top 12 Asia teams for 2 groups(4.5 World Seats)
24 Africa teams for 4 groups,24-10,10-5(5 World Seats)
12 North America teams for 2 group(3.5 World Seats)
55 UEFA for 10 groups(14 World Seats)
10 South America teams(4.5 World Seats)
OFC (0.5 World Seats)

Please use the mod offline without ensuring the next update time!

– Add the Squads file in Documents/FIFA21/settings.
– LiveEditorMods put in FIFA21 Root directory
– Import FIFA21 NAC 2.0.fifamod, then launch game.
Load the NAC20 squads in-game from Profile menu.

Check this thread for support!

Road to World Cup & Road to Euro Cup – Addon

This is an addon to the main patch presented above that adds the tournament qualifiers for the World Cup and Euro Cup. This addon works ONLY in Tournament Mode! The addon includes:

– All 126 national teams in the Road to World Cup tournament
– All 55 UEFA National Teams in the Road to Euro Cup tournament (UEFA Nations League + UEFA Euro qualifying + European Cups)
– The Final 24 Euro Cup with real groups
– Asia Cup 24 teams for 6 groups
– Africa Cup of Nations 24 teams for 6 groups
– Copa América 12 teams for 2 groups

Download RTWC & EURO Addon

Download Graphic Addon (Kits & Flags)

Download Squads Update


Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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