FIFA 21 Nintendo Switch Patch

This patch adds various updates to FIFA 21 on Nintendo Switch. Here’s the rundown on the features:

-Based on march 2021 squads
-Licenced and update national team of Brazil,Uruguay,Ecuador
-Added the Brasileirao with its 20 teams (real squads and add gk and thirds kits for same teams)
-Added Serie B of Italy (squads, all kits and minikits)
-Work carrer mode with Serie A and Brasileirao
-Added the ascents of Saudi Arabia
-Added 643 banners
-Added 224 faces and update Griezmann hair
-Stadio Olimpico of Rome(Barca, River, Boca, Juve, Bayern)
-All kits of national teams updated
-Added +2200 minifaces

-Bug in playernames table the games crash when search player by name, if you search for it by team, no problem
-In the season change message in career mode the name of the league will not appear, this is because the objectives were deactivated to make the brasileirao and serie b work.
-Probably several since it is a quick patch, let me know if you find one
-I tested the career mode with milan, bayern and flamengo and managed to simulate 5 years. (I cannot guarantee, that it will work 100%, sorry)

Thanks to:
@scouser09 for your guides and tools
@Atom for showing the way to edit in NS
@ramzidz15 for the tips and guides
NFS_FM of evo-web.co.uk for dump FIFA 21 of PC
@pedro10do7 for shared the db of brasileriao
@SlimOntario2033 for shared the EA squads
@makispla2017 for your kits
@Dmitri for your faces
@ZACARIAS SICHIN BERT for your faces
@ALEXIAN!! for your faces
@HM Facemaker for your faces
@Beyonder for your minifaces of brasileirao

* Nintendo switch with CFW installed
* Have FIFA 21 Legacy Edition v1.04 01000A001171A000 installed
* 3GB of free space

*Delete old version (deleted the folder X: \ atmosphere \ contents \”01000A001171A000″) and go to settings and deleted the savegame
* Download and extract the file with 7-zip
* Copy the Folder “01000A001171A000” sd card in the path
“X: \ atmosphere \ contents \
* Enjoy

Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Not Online Compatible


Report Missing File !

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