FIFA 21 Unlock & Expansion Mod v.3.0

This mod is an early release on an alpha tool so there may be some bugs (it’s for PC only and should go without saying that you shouldn’t use mods whilst in online game modes such as FUT as it can result in a ban from EA). If you’re having any issues with the mod or tool please see the pinned message in the comments section for troubleshooting tips.

The mod renames and adds the badges for Juventus and Roma in Serie A and Boca Juniors and River Plate in Argentina. It also unlocks the 3rd kits that EA introduced with their last patch but didn’t make playable, including but not limited to Arsenal, Everton, Leeds, Leicester, Manchester United, Wolves, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Napoli, PSG, Hertha Berlin, RB Leipzig, etc, etc.

Furthermore, you can add more customisation with all of the boots in the game unlocked and some of the Volta trainers so you can edit your players to wear them, whilst a handful more GK gloves will also be available to choose from. Finally I have unlocked the majority of the Volta outfits to allow you to customise your manager too.

To use the mod you must download the mod file below and then I recommend version 5 of Paul’s tool as I feel it’s the easiest to navigate for anyone new to the tool. Once you have the tool installed – go to launcher / import / select ‘legacy mod files’ from the drop down in the bottom right corner and when the mod appears click on it, this will take you back to the main menu where you click launch – (Please be patient it will take a few minutes to load as it’s compiling the mod into a format that can then be used to launch FIFA21).

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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