FIFA 22 MCK Realism Mod v.1.0

Want a more challenging and realistic FIFA 22 Career Mode experience? Then be sure to try MCK Realism Mod!

The pack comes with 3 different mods! Important : USE ONLY LOOSE NOT STRICT before starting a new career mode save.

MCK Realism Mod

Features & Changes

+ English players very rarely leave England or Brazilians players are coming back to Brazil
+ AI teams are trying to replace the sold players
+ Loans are much more likely to occur
+ Teams rarely bring the same players to one position
+ Reduced transfer frequency – outside the transfer window
+ Older retirement
+ Clubs extend contracts with players
+ Youth players will stay in youth academy a lot longer
+ Real Life Values and Wages
+ Better Player Growth
+ The AI will always pick their best 11 players, rotating only for Friendlies (Postion player is better but sometimes its not wokring, If I find a way to fix I’ll share to everyone)
+ Loans are much more likely to occur – Lower league teams use it much more
+ Teams may have a “weaker” season
+ Increased job offer, more teams are offering jobs
+ Edit AI formation/squads in Carrer Mode (before change formation u need to backup your squadfile, because the changes overwrite our main squadfile)
+ Added option to Transfers between CPUs (before trasnfers between CPUs u need to backup your squadfile, because the changes overwrite our main squadfile)
Thanks to @EVA Deadly
+ Added Injury List/Edit Kit Nmber
+ More frequent injuries

MCK Disables Transfers Mod

+ In previously version version some AI teams was making transfers, now I fixed it.

This mod disables transfers, I suggest you use it in the first season. Before starting a new career, disable transfers in the start menu After the competition (BEFORE JUNE 30!) save your career, exit the game and you have to disable it (in the mod manager), then turn on FIFA and load your career manually and go to the next season. In the new season the CPU makes transfers. Working with all Patches like EEP etc

Please note that the “MCK Disables Transfers Mod” must have a higher priority than the MCK Realism Mod.
During a season with “MCK Disables Transfers Mod” the CPU can make offers for your players, I have not disabled this and will not disable it. You can always decline an offer.

MCK Career Mode Start 2022 Mod’s

I added an add-on that allows you to start your career in 2022. Place it below MCK Realism Mod and MCK Disable Transfers (If using)

Download from “ALTERNATIVE” mirror only if you are using the new FIFA Mod Manager Beta 1.1.1.

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: mck