FIFA 22 Realism Gameplay Ultimate 2.0

A new and fresh approach to the FIFA 22 gameplay! Here’s what this gameplay mod brings to the table:



  • Smart AI decision making
  • More short passes
  • Less players ball hog
  • Slower and more realistic aerial duels
  • Animations mechanics completely revised (slower players movements for passing, shooting, and turn speed)
  • Speed and acceleration balance
  • More possession game
  • AI can now cross the ball pretty nicely
  • Slower passes, crosses and shots
  • More realistic dribbling based on new animations
  • Tighter markings and aggressiveness from AI


  • More important physical strenght when gaining or loosing the ball
  • Better Crosses
  • More long distance shots
  • Aggressive AI
  • Adaptive ball possession and high pressing based on teams stats
  • Tighter midfield
  • Through passes issue fixed
  • More randomness
  • More realistic physics on passes and long balls


I made this version considering some values used in eSim ball physics 0.9, so i strongly recommend you to play this mod with it.

You need to put the mot all the way at the bottom on #1 position in your mod manager, otherwise it could not work correctly.

Recommended Settings

– Default Sliders
– Slow speed
– Legendary difficulty
– Competitor mode OFF
– Manual controls
– Realistic football approach


Enjoy and thank you for your support, hatesince97



Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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Author: hatesince97