FIFA 22 Walker’s Career Realism Mod v.1.0

abandoned this mod earlier but I got a little time on my hand recently and decided to play around with it again.

DISCLAIMER: I only play RTG but I always like it when things are really difficult. Don’t use this mod if you want things easy. This is still alpha so many things are not as I think they should be.



1. Removed all objectives related to youth development, profitability and popularity. They are all stupid. You are rated only on how you perform on the pitch.

2. You are always asked to avoid relegation in your first year no matter the club. After that it all depends on the clubs domestic prestige. This doesn’t suit big clubs but comes in handy for RTGs.

NOTE> Some clubs in lower leagues are given high domestic expectations like “get promotion” by EA but it doesn’t change when you move to the highest league like EPL. This results in stupid expectations like “win the league’ on the vanilla game. I made expectation more reslistic but it helps if you can change domestic expectations for your team in RDBM before you start your career.

3. Domestic cup like FA cup expectations are always set to ‘reach round of 16’.

4. If you qualify for Europe with an average or low club, board will usually be happy with the ‘group stage’. And it may increase little by little if you’re able to qualify in subsequent years.

5. If unable to reach an objective, the board will usually reduce their expectation the next year to give you time to build again.

6. You can be sacked! But it happens when you perform really really poorly depending on your club.


1. Much like vanilla but I reduced the effect of dynamic potential. In future I’ll try to reduce growth in general. This needs lots and lots of testing.

2. Training weak foot and skill moves are a bit difficult from say 1 star to 2 stars and gets exponentially more difficult after that. You may probably not be a able to train from 1 star to 5 stars in the entire 15 years. Haven’t tested it much though so I may be wrong.


1. I increased the volume of transfers both high and low profile ones. My idea here is not to mimic real life. That’s not possible in FIFA. My idea is not to make the game revolve around you. You buy and sell, CPU teams also do that. And its lots of fun to see many transfers.

2. Increased minimum squad size to 25 and reduced maximum to 42.

3. Clubs should always have at least 3 goalkeepers.

4. Clubs will try to improve their squads.

5. Clubs will always replace players from positions they’ve sold.

6. Your English guys won’t move abroad too much.

7. Player values are much like vanilla (expensive) but I increased the values of younger good players a bit. some clubs may overpay, others underpay so it looks very normal to me.

8. Clubs will renew player contracts most often.


Personally I think this is the main reason why you’ll abandon your save a few years in when playing vanilla. The amount of money in this game is crazy.

1. Reduced starting budget a lot.

2. Reduced money generated from shirt sales a lot.

3. Increased stadium maintenance fee a lot more to eat away your money.

4. Reduced amount of prize money that carries over to the next season.

5. Reduced the amount of budget that carries over to next season.

6. Your budget every season doesn’t increase much and will reduce if your club doesn’t make profit which happens often with smaller teams.

7. In short you have to grow and sell players before you get enough to buy what you need.

8. You have to help your club too by being a good money manager to also help the club worth grow.

I largely tested this with the EPL where there is a lot of money coming in. Things could get extremely difficult in lower or other leagues. Feedback is appreciated.


1. Youth scouts are very expensive.

2. Drastically reduced chances of getting good players at every star level of scout. To mimic Chelsea, Barca, Arsenal or Ajax model of getting good talents. you may need to hire multiple 5 star scouts.

3. Many youth players have traits.

4. Youth player ages ranges from 15 to 20.

5. Youth players are willing to stay a bit longer in the academy.


1. Players are difficult to keep happy overall

2. Players react to losses or lack of reaching targets differently based on their personality. If anybody gets angry and turns in transfer request just sell him. Doesn’t happen much often.


1. Top team wins the league with high amount of points. Tested only in EPL and City or Liverpool won with 85 to 101 points.

2. Sometimes top scorer scored a lot. Doesn’t work all the time though and I’m tired of working on it.

There are a few things here and there which I can’t recall. You can give feedback. Enjoy!

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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