FIFA 23 Anth’s Gameplay Mod v.5.0 [TU13]

Hey guys! I’ve been working on a gameplay mod for the last few weeks and I’ve decided to release v1.00.

I won’t list the changes as I’ll let you discover as you play, but the overall philosophy behind the mod is –

1. Make everything more alive and free.

This includes controlling the ball, retaining the ball, touches, deflections, interceptions, 50/50s, etc. I want you to have to think more about when and where you do things on the pitch. For example, you now have to think about how fast you’re travelling when you receive the ball, or when you decide to sprint there’s more risk/reward to losing control of the ball. The ‘glue’ of the ball sticking to the player is now gone. I don’t want this to be just random for the sake of it, but instead purposeful and more open to different outcomes/scenarios across the pitch to increase depth in the game.

2. More power to the defensive side of the game.

A big focus is to improve the midfield battle and create a less end-to-end game with a more difficult avenue to goal. I’ve worked a lot on reducing the ability to too simply ‘burst’ by a defender as well as reducing the impact of ‘1v1’ (quite possibly the worst gameplay feature ever added to a football game).

3. Improve realism regarding movement and speed, both in regards to players and the ball.

Importantly I want the intensity in the fight for the ball to remain. I want it to feel smooth, I don’t want it to feel slow and sluggish as a result.

4. Player individuality

It’s not perfect and there’s still things I’m working on/hope to improve/add more depth to, but at the moment I’m pretty happy with how it’s playing overall. I’m actually really enjoying 23 right now. There’s a learning curve with this mod, so you might have to re-train some old habits when playing.

Important: this mod is designed to be played on Legendary/Normal Speed only – and with at least Semi controls for the full experience.

Obviously you can play however you decide, but the real benefits on the defensive awareness/interactions will come when playing on legendary. It’s much more stable.

Hope you enjoy!!

Credit: @Paul-v for the excellent modding tools available to us all.

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: Anth