FIFA 23 MCK Realism Mod [TU17.1]

After the success with the FIFA 22 version, the MCK Realism Mod for FIFA 23 is now available for download!

Important : USE ONLY LOOSE NOT STRICT before starting new career mode.


+ Improve transfers between AI
+ Reducing budgets
+ AI Clubs are more likely to extend contracts with players
+ English players very rarely leave England
+ AI teams are trying to replace the sold players
+ Loans are much more likely to occur
+ Reduced transfer frequency – outside the transfer window
+ Older retirement
+ Real Life Values and Wages
+ Loans are much more likely to occur – Lower league teams use it much more
+ Increased job offer, more teams are offering jobs

MCK Disable Transfers Mod

This mod disables transfers, I suggest you use it in the first season. Before starting a new career, disable transfers in the start menu After the competition (BEFORE JUNE 30!) save your career, exit the game and you have to disable it (in the mod manager), then turn on FIFA and load your career manually and go to the next season. In the new season, the CPU makes transfers. Working with all Patches like EEP etc.

Please note that the “MCK Disables Transfers Mod” must have a higher priority than the MCK Realism Mod.
During a season with “MCK Disables Transfers Mod” the CPU can make offers for your players, I have not disabled this and will not disable it. You can always decline an offer.

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: mck