Paulv2k4 FIFA 23 Gameplay Mod

Until we get full modding ability in FIFA 23, I have been hacking around with locale.ini mods (which does tend to make up 50% of most of my mods).

Read the Mod Details for the suggested sliders with each version.


– AI tackles more
– AI dribbles more
– AI makes more mistakes
– General improvement to game speed (i.e. slower animations / gameplay)
– Goalkeepers save shots! (This requires an EA patch for proper EBX modding to fix)
– Players miss shots! (This requires an EA patch for proper EBX modding to fix)
– AI no longer overpowered
– AI will get back and defend

CPU and USER are the same (These are preference but tweak to suit yourself):
Sprint Speed: 40
Acceleration: 42
Shot Error: 91
Pass Error: 77
Shot Speed: 40
Pass Speed: 37
GK Ability: 90
Marking: 90
Run: 52
Line Height: 42
Line Length: 45
Line Width: 50
First Touch: 54

Difficulty: Legendary
Competitor Mode: Off
Player Based Difficulty: On
Attributes: Classic
Referee Strictness: Very lenient or lenient

You can launch the modified locale.ini files with the latest version of FMT.

For latest updates please check this github page!

Career Mode Compatible Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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