Revolution DB Master 23 Beta 7

With FIFA 23 now available worldwide it is only normal to release one of the most significant modding tools for the FIFA series, Revolution Database Master 23!

Rinaldo and Fidel aka Doctor+ Productions are back with a new version of the tool that will allow to edit the database tables present in the FIFA 23 squad files.

Remember that this is a Beta version and some functions may have issues!


Beta 6
– Added FIFA 23 Profile (Expanded)
– Updated FIFA 22 Profile (Expanded)
– Fixed any error at start

Beta 7
– Full fix for new FIFA 23 game save (Includes Paulv2k4’s FifaLibrary Tweaks)
– Previous features and improvements

Saving FIFA 23 Career files is not yet supported.
Expanded means that there are no limits in building Squads Mod.
Run RDBM as Administrator to avoid issues.

The Mediafire mirror contains an updated version of the tool that addresses various issues from the previous version thanks to Paulv2k4. Here is the changelog:

  • – Enabled the ability to load FIFA 23 Squad files
  • – Fixed “Squad file is damaged” after saving FIFA 23 Squad files
  • – Fixed issue to correctly identify installation directory of FIFA
  • – Fixed issue where the wrong metadata was selected, enabling all tables to be read/saved

This software is shared for free and is for non-commercial use only. Using this software to release materials/mods and put them behind a paywall or similar services is strictly forbidden and copyright law will be applied when an infringement is made.

Auto Install PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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Author: FidelGameplay