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FC 24 Dynamic Miniface Patch

A total of 1,628 player are working, and all major teams are covered in 23-24 kits. If there is a player who needs an update, please leave a DM (Apply it using Live Editor.) Application path : (C:) -> FC ...

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FC 24 Miniface Mod

I made 500 basic up-to-date minifaces! You can apply it by copying the image files to (C:) -> FC 24 Live Editor -> mods -> root -> Legacy -> data -> ui -> imgAssets -> heads You need Live Editor ...

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FIFA 23: Miniface Pack

In this pack, you will find ALL the missing faces of the Ligue 1 (Loic Rémy, Kenny Lala, Warren Zaïre-Emery, Eliesse Ben Seghir, Edan Diop, Jeffinho …) as well as some players with a high potential. Features: – Adds all ...

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Rendered Minifaces Pack

I’ve rendered the minifaces for 18989 players using the player capture system created by EA, game is using this for created players and homegrown talents. The minifaces are matching the player in-game appearance. I’ve used the squadfile from 5th Feb ...

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