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FIFA 14: Euro 2024 Crests Mod

This mod contains UEFA Euro 2024 styled rounded flags for all 32 qualified teams and even unqualified teams. Installation: Extract the file anywhere. Copy “Game” folder and paste it to your FIFA 14 installation directory, overwrite files if you need ...

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FIFA 14: FC 24 Player Bars

It took me a while to research hex offsets and then design the bar. Took most of the time finetuning it. And I would admit, I am proud with the final result. So here we go. If you find any ...

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FIFA 14: Classic Shorts Mod

This mod replaces modern knee-high shorts to classic thigh-high shorts. Making them an excellent add-on for Classic Patch 14. Installation: Extract the file anywhere. copy “Game” and paste it to your FIFA 14 directory. Regenerate

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FIFA 14: Official EA Update

FIFA 14’s last known Title Update that was released on 7th April, 2014. This could be useful for people who own a physical version or a “free” version of the game. Installation: Extract the file anywhere. Copy “Game” folder and ...

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FIFA 14: Commentary Files

Introduction​ FIFA 14 Commentary files for 15 languages. Installing FIFA 14 with Origin/EA App gives you only 10 Languages to choose from. So this is a superior archive of Commentary files for FIFA 14. Installation ​ Just Copy The Files ...

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FIFA 14: LagBuster Mod

Do you have an old computer that runs FIFA 14 poorly? Well, this mod completely eliminates frame drops by performing numerous LUA and INI improvements. Those include: Proper CPU and GPU Threading. Reduced Input Lag. Downsized Texture Resolution. Downsized Shadows. ...

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