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FC 24 Revolta Euro Start

New Revolta Mod is now available for EA SPORTS FC on PC. Revolta Mod content: -Revolta Captains and Euro PTG teams – added in Rest of World, consisting of captains from every country and selection of promising players that can ...

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FC 24 Better Manager Shoes

This mod replaces 5 of the ugly default FC 24 manager shoes with hidden Volta ones. The mod is divided into 3 packs in order not to replace all the existing manager shoes, you can choose which pack to use ...

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FC 24 High CPU Priority

Simple registry edit to enable High CPU Priority. Steps: 1. Download the zip file and extract it. 2. Run the “Install” .reg file to enable the change 3. Run the “Uninstall” .reg file to remove the change if you run into any ...

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FC 24: Players Always Happy Mod

Simple mod to make every player always “Very Happy” in FC 24 manager career mode. This mod is for the people that dislike the morale system in FIFA, find it tedious in certain cases or simply want to ignore it ...

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