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FIFA 16: EURO 2024 & COPA AMERICA 2024 Patch

First of all, if there is someone working on another similar mod, please give notice and I will cancel the project…. After speaking with RobbieD_PL, Im in the process of updating kits, squads, graphics, adboards and adding the stadiums of ...

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FIFA Infinity Patch 16

The best and most complete patch for FIFA 16 is back with a new version for the 2023/24 season! For those who still enjoy playing on arguably the most edited version of the FIFA series, scouser09 and FIFA Infinity Team ...

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FIFA 16: European Expansion Patch 16

New features with the new version 6.4 or 7.1: General 5 new leagues (3rd league, compiled regional league, compiled upper league, some German teams under Rest of the World in addition, Sky Go League (2nd league Austria), China Super League ...

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FIFA 16: CONMEBOL & RoW Super Patch

Hello, gamers. Here is the exciting first Argentina season after coronating as World Cup champions. It will come to an end next week when the TRFA 23/24 ends and we’ll know which teams promote to the Federal A 2024. This ...

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FIFA 16: Polish League Patch 2024

This patch contains all teams within 5 divisions of the Polish Football infrastructure. Complete with kits, faces, minikits, and squads as of 18 October 2023. Leagues Contain: PKO BP Ekstraklasa Fortuna 1 Liga eWinner 2 Liga Polska 3 Liga Polska ...

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FIFA 16: Back In Time Ultimate

This is it. The Ultimate Patch for FIFA 16. My last contribution. At the time of this post, only kick-off is playable as DLCs must be modified in order to make career mode playable. This is the only blocker from ...

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