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FC 24: SteroidPatch

This is a patch for the notorious game EA FC 24, which may be somewhat reminiscent of the EEP mod, because there will also be teams participating in European cups in Ireland, but which are not in the game, as ...

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FC 24: Copa América DLC

Hello everyone! I’m excited to present the Copa América mod for FC24! After a lot of work, This is our “own DLC”, full of passion, something EA didn’t give us! Features New menus All 16 national teams with their authentic ...

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FC 24 Revolta Euro Start

New Revolta Mod is now available for EA SPORTS FC on PC. Revolta Mod content: -Revolta Captains and Euro PTG teams – added in Rest of World, consisting of captains from every country and selection of promising players that can ...

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Spanish Expansion Patch 24

SPANISH EXPANSION PATCH is a mod that tries to add content to EA FC24 in order to expand and license everything related to Spain. This version of the mod adds the RFEF Primera Federación (3rd Spanish League) in FC 24 ...

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FC 24: Euro 2024 License Mod

As some teams in the UEFA Euro 2024 DLC has some unlicensed kits, this mod adds authentic kits to the game. Note 1 : The current version of the mod works on Kick Off mode only. Make sure to disable ...

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FC 24 Polish Expansion Patch

At last! The largest Polish modification for EA Sports FC 24 has seen the light of day. After four months of hard work, talented Polish modders have finally released their gem. What can we find in it? A lot! The ...

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