FC 24 Revolta Meta Beta 0.7 [TU12]

New Revolta Mod is now available for EA SPORTS FC on PC.

Revolta Mod content:
-[NEW]TOTT WC 2022 team – readded in Rest of World, consisting of best 18 players voted on Revolta Discord after World Cup 2022
-Legends43 team – added in Rest of World, consisting of Ultimate Team legends and Classic XI players that were not added anymore due to various reasons
-5 META teams – added in Rest of World, consisting of META Ultimate Team players through years selected via many conversations, research and own experience
-FUT Icons & Heroes Squad File – unlocked all icons and heroes from FUT
-Women & Men Mashup – unlocked possibility of playing with women against men
-FUT Special Versions – added all special FUT cards updated for 21.12 – every player has one instance which is his best version
-REVOs – evolved some players same way as they are in FUT

Additional stuff:
-127 Stats & OVR unlock – making possibility of higher rated Legends/Icons/Special Players to make them as OP as they should be
-Unlocks & Licensing – small tweaks for unlocking sponsors in all languages and a bigger one for licensing 4 clubs in Italian league(names only in Polish and English for now), also unlock for Edit Mode
-FUT Refresh – updated players, their look, club and nationalities as for 6.12 Squad File, all stuff from Squad File is available now
-Revolta Ambassadors – revamped main menu stars to give some identity to the Mod

To install load .fifamod files using Mod Manager. Also put Squads file into Documents/FC24/settings folder and then load squads in game! Added players are in Rest Of World. Some of them are in Soccer Aid. I didn’t mess with it, because it can apparently destroy career if Soccer Aid is empty.

Special thanks to @jdxrivvvy, @sei la, @Skoczek for assets and help. Also thanks to MADFUT for their card designs that I used in logos all over the Mod. You were the inspiration!

Career Mode Compatible Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: Chliper