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FIFA 12: Official EA Patch

FIFA 12’s last known Title Update that was released on 9th March, 2012. This could be useful for people who own a physical version or a “free” version of the game. Installation: Extract the file anywhere. Copy “Game” folder and ...

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FIFA 12: Commentary Files

Introduction​ Greetings, I Noticed That FIFA Commentary Files Are Often The Case of Lost Media. So I am Gonna Preserve The Commentary Files for The Rest of The Eternity. Installation ​ Just Copy The Files From The RAR File And ...

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FIFA 12: LagBuster Mod

Do you have an old computer that runs FIFA 12 poorly? Well, this mod completely eliminates frame drops by performing numerous LUA and INI improvements. Those include: Proper CPU and GPU Threading. Reduced Input Lag. Downsized Texture Resolution. Downsized Shadows. ...

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FIFA 12 GFX Pack

This GFX pack will improve the GFX quality of FIFA 12. The pack features: – 32 High Quality Teksture Face – Sweat Effect latest models – New FIFA 12 color – New Grass model – Graphic Quality FIFA 12 better ...

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2012 Font Pack

New 2012 National Team Font. Adidas 2012 Puma 2012 Nike 2012 – Brazil – Netherland – Korea Republic – France – Poland – Portugal Nike team Font Color – Brazil Home Jersey – Green / Short – White Away Jersey/Short ...

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Official Winter Roster Update

EA Sports released today the official winter roster update! To get the roster update go to your FIFA 12: Customise FIFA > Edit Teams > Change Squads/Rosters > Download Updates It will take around 2 minutes to get the full ...

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