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FIFA 10 PC Pitch Color Patcher

– This patch makes FIFA 10 Pitch color more realistic. ==== FEATURES ==== – “Moving Turf” effect for Dynamic camera – True green color – True lightning effect for SUNNY turf. ==== HOW TO INSTALL ==== – There is INSTALL ...

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Regularcat’s Gameplay V.8

Today we have a new gameplay patch for you! Our modder regularcat made up a new version of his old gameplay and I reffer to the v.8 of his gameplay that contains the next features: – Attack – Better cpu ...

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Regularcat’s FIFA 10 Animation Patch

A new exclusive patch has been made by our team modder regularcat. He prepared this amazing pacth that modifies the players animation in FIFA 10. Here’s a list of the patch features: – Fixed the ridiculous sprinting aka crazy legs ...

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Sound Enhancer Patch

Nazarenooviedo who created an amazing sound patch that enhances multiple sounds in FIFA 10! These are the specified features of the patch: • Increased the overall volume. • You hear the chants more followed. • You listen with better definition, ...

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Today, we bring big news to you. MonkeyDragon is back with NEW CAMERA PATCH 2.0 for FIFA 10. Before downloading, let’s read the features and enjoy these amazing screenshots. =========== + The new TELE CAMERA with new ZOOM and HEIGHT ...

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Grass Patch FCTS

Contains: • New HD-PitchLines • New turf texture • New 3D-grass • Normalized grass colors • New HD-Dirt texture • Increased density of the 3D-Grass Change Log: • Version 1.3: – New grass HQ-subtextures – Edited moving pattern • Version ...

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