Sound Enhancer Patch

Nazarenooviedo who created an amazing sound patch that enhances multiple sounds in FIFA 10! These are the specified features of the patch:

• Increased the overall volume.

• You hear the chants more followed.

• You listen with better definition, sounds of net, punch, kicking, etc.

• The Crowd shout “OH” when you perform shooting.

• Crowd shout “BOO” when make a fault.

• The volume of applause is greater.

• When do multiple passes, as the fans celebrate.

• Improves the sound atmosphere in the stadium.

• The hymn is heard louder.

• The chants of the local team will be stronger.


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Author: nazarenooviedo


  1. Great patch;)

  2. good job my friend, well done.

  3. thx my friend,this work is awesome 😀

  4. nice work friend 😀 !!

  5. Awesome! Fantastico!

  6. WONDERFUL Patch greattttttt !!! 🙂

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