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FIFA 14: LagBuster Mod

Do you have an old computer that runs FIFA 14 poorly? Well, this mod completely eliminates frame drops by performing numerous LUA and INI improvements. Those include: Proper CPU and GPU Threading. Reduced Input Lag. Downsized Texture Resolution. Downsized Shadows. ...

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FIFA 14: 2010’s Add-on for Classic Patch 14

2010s Classic Patch Add-on v3.2 /!\ This is an add-on, not an all-in-one patch, you NEED to have the 4.2 version of the original Classic patch installed. /!\ Description : First, thanks to the creators Giggiriva, acigog, tomasoni and to the ...

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Creation Master 15 Extended

CM15 is for editing FIFA 14 and 15! Classic Creation Master 15 program (made by Rinaldo) modified * 3D-render support for hairmodels with 32bit floats (Dmitri’ Precise Hair Models) * New generic face-types * option “Expand database” now allows higher ...

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FIFA 14: Women’s Football Patch 14

Hey all! I am happy to present to you Women’s Football Patch 14, the first ever women’s football mod for FIFA 14 as far as I’m aware. This is a beta version, so please report any errors or bugs you might ...

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FIFA 13/14: ESPN Switcher

This is a simple tool for FIFA 13 & 14 that allows you to switch between North American and European broadcasting packages. Installation: Install the tool in your FIFA 13/14 root directory. Usage: Double-click “Disable ESPN.bat” to disable the North ...

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FIFA 14: Demo

FIFA 14 free-to-play demo build dated September 11, 2013. This build is fully playable and DRM-Free. Installation: Download and extract the file anywhere on your PC. run “FIFA 14 Demo Register Tool.exe”. Run fifa14.exe and play!

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