Regularcat’s FIFA 10 Animation Patch

A new exclusive patch has been made by our team modder regularcat. He prepared this amazing pacth that modifies the players animation in FIFA 10. Here’s a list of the patch features:

– Fixed the ridiculous sprinting aka crazy legs

– Unlocked every trick except robinho & ronaldo double step overs

– Bicycle kicks will now occur more often, diving headers on goal will occur more often

– Goalkeepers saves linked to others creating the chance to see a different save attempt in certain times than what you would usually see

Download and Enjoy this amazing patch!


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Author: regularcat


  1. great patch

  2. Great work RG 😀

  3. Amazing Job Bro !!!

  4. great patch man..thx

  5. … Sorry, I have never woked with File Master before. I just can’t find any “import” bottun there. What exactly do i have to do after opening File Master?

  6. Avatar photo


    After you open File Master go to [data/cmn/be/motion.big] click it and you will see above new options!Click on the Folder Icon with the Red Arrow to Import 😉 After you imported it click the Regenerate Button which is the first file icon above(the green bordered paper).

  7. Big thanks! I think i got it now.
    Awesome patch idea!

  8. Una pregunta..exactamente este parche que es lo que hace? lo que yo entendí es que te deja hacer la mayoría de los regates de ps3 o xbox excepto algunos..cosa que me parece bastante improbable, por eso pregunto..porque he provado a hacer alguno y no hay manera de que salga…un saludo!!

  9. Really Thanks Regularcat! Amazing Job!!!

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