FIFA 12: LagBuster Mod

Do you have an old computer that runs FIFA 12 poorly? Well, this mod completely eliminates frame drops by performing numerous LUA and INI improvements. Those include:

  • Proper CPU and GPU Threading.
  • Reduced Input Lag.
  • Downsized Texture Resolution.
  • Downsized Shadows.
  • Reduced LoD at Higher Distances.
  • Reduced Cloth Effects
  • Disabled Rain Particles.
  • Disabled Auto-Exposure.
  • Disabled Bloom.
  • Disabled DoF (Depth of Field).
  • Disabled 3D Grass.


  1. Extract the file anywhere.
  2. Copy “Game” folder and paste it to your FIFA 12 directory.
  3. Regenerate and play.
Manual Install


Report Missing File !

Author: Emran_Ahm3d

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