File Master 13

This is File Master 12 by Rinaldo adopted and re-invented by me to be used in FIFA 13.

Moreover it has a new feature called “Show BH Column”. If enabled (as it is by default), the program will show you another column during navigation of .big files, telling you if that file is read by the game as it is in the related .big file (if it is set to “Yes”) or if the game reads the file directly from folders (if it is set to “No”). With this first Beta the option is “read-only”, so you cannot change the .bh situation file-by-file with this tool (but you can still use the regeneration button)!

This time it should detect FIFA 13 folder and should work without FIFA 12 installed.

Tool developed by Rinaldo and Outsider87.

Auto Install PC Compatible


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Author: Rinaldo

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