FIFA 14: European Expansion Patch 14

The European Expansions Patch (“EEP” for short) is a community patch that consists of a lot of work from the community and some work from entire modding teams.
In addition to the FIFAPlanet team, Moddingway, FIFA-Infinity and FIFA-Evolution also contributed a lot to the patch, 80-90%. Putting it all together, keeping it up to date and creating the 3rd league + 2 RLs was still no picnic.

– 9 new leagues (3rd league (Germany), Regional league (Germany), 2nd Regional league (Germany), SüperLig (Turkey), Superleague (Greece), Romania League 1, J-League (Japan), Premiere League (Ukraine), Gambrinus League (Czech Republic)
– winter transfers 13/14 + summer transfers 14/15 (Yann Sommer to Gladbach, Robert Lewandowski to Bayern Munich etc.)
– new cups (German Supercup, European Supercup (Champions League winner against Europa League winner), NOFV Cup (cup for all German East teams) almost all cups for the new leagues)
– over 200 Bundesliga faces and many, many more for many international players!
– current shoes for many players
– current EL/CL groups
– adjusted balancing in Germany (more on this in the FAQ)
– a few new stadiums (including for: Olympiakos, Dynamo Dresden etc.)
– automatic scoreboard selection
since 1.5 also:
– Create a Virtual Pro and play in career mode
– play new tournaments
– create/edit/delete players
– edit formations (individual positions can be changed again)
– and much more 😛

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Author: Slim