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  1. how can i know i installed it perfectly?

  2. Overcat one is way too brighter, the others are fine

  3. my regenerator keeps crushing!! help

  4. no need to regenerate..

    just copy all Rx3 files inside pitch folder to C/D:/FIFA14/ gamedatasceneassetspitch and paste here.overwrite files.

    if u have moddingway mod installed then just paste in 0 or 1 or 2 folder. make backup of those files first(in case u want to convert to those pitch style again). open Moddingway selector select for example if u paste in 0 folder, then in selector choose default turf(since u paste and overwrite default turf earlier), if u paste in 1 folder choose frenkie turf and if u paste in folder 2 choose dodo turf. close tool and open fifa.

    Enjoy =)

  5. how do i make the backup of those files

  6. to make backup just copy all 0,1 and 2 folder or either one you prefer and put somewhere else (eg; my documents or ‘backup’ for easy reference).

    usually i will replace this patch files with folder ‘0’ because it is the default pitch/turf..


    Folder 0: default turf
    Folder 1: Turf by Frenkie
    Folder 2: Turf by dodo997

    Have fun trying =)

  7. Works fine to me ,easy !, many thanks

  8. How can I un-install this once I want to go back to normal?

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