Revolution Mod 14 XBOX 360 V.1.0

Scouser09 is proud to present you the first version of Revolution Mod 14 for FIFA 14 Xbox 360! Bellow you can see all the features that are included in this version:

-All generic boots are replaced by specific boots.
-Automatic Adboards.
-Automatic Arena Kits.
-Automatic Balls (Inluding winter and snow balls).
-Automatic Benchplayers.
-Automatic Boots.
-Automatic Classic GK Kits.
-Automatic Faces (Includes bump file).
-Automatic GK Gloves.
-Automatic GoalNets.
-Automatic Kit Name Fonts.
-Automatic Kit Numbers Sets.
-Automatic Managers.
-Automatic Mow Patturns.
-Automatic Pitch Colour.
-Automatic Pitch Lines.
-Automatic Scarfs.
-Automatic Skin Tones (Tattoos).
-Automatic Specific GK Kit.
-Automatic Team GK Pants.
-Automatic Tournament Kits.
-Automatic Training Kits.
-Automatic Wear Patturns.
-Change collar and name colour on kits.
-Enable Winter balls.
-Use graphics assigned to tournaments in friendly matches and all matches.

The mod is compatible with existing careers as the database is not edited.

Visit the Official RM14 thread for support and feedback.

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Online Compatible Xbox Compatible


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Author: scouser09

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  1. Nice job Scouser09!

  2. Great job much appreciated :]

  3. great for future… xbox one..?

  4. is this patch compatible with ps3?

  5. No idea. If you can get it onto the PS3, let me know if it works.

  6. I do not have plans to adapt this mod for the Xbox One version of FIFA 14. Maybe for FIFA 15.

  7. How do i download this stuff onto Xbox 360? I need a tutorial please!

  8. will be extraordinary for fifa 15 .. always we have awesome stuff from scouser09 .. thanks!

  9. where’s the datax.big ?

  10. it would be dream for everyone…thanks scourse09…

  11. There are some instructions in the documentation.

  12. Hello can everyone help me with install the xbox rev Mod?
    I dont understand which fifa 14 content i use to. Pc of the xbox iso? Please help me…
    And where can i find the Datax.bin?

  13. Have the classic kits unlocked?

  14. sorry but this mod is for rgh console right?

  15. what kind of mod is this? does it add any new content?
    just curious.

  16. please make a patch for ps3’s user

  17. Hello

    I’m French so sorry for my bad English.

    I have read the general instructions pdf but i don’t understand how to put the lua files on my xbox. What FIFA 14 DVD Content ? Can it be a career file for example ?

    I need a tutorial.

    Thank you so much for your responses and for your work !

  18. How can I install this Mod on my computer? I don’t understand anything. Where is the datax,big?

  19. on my Xbox #

  20. I don’t know either?

  21. Hey Guys,
    * If anybody can explain where to find the datx.big? it would be greatly appreciated!!
    ** I understand this is probably novie stuff for a lot of you. But I have connected my external hard drive to my computer. I have explored the files (using: xport 360 and xplored 360) and cannot find anything in the hundreds of files I haved sorted through. I have the final.big also extracted any ready to go.
    – I have spent countless hrs researching and don’t know where else to look for help. this update sounds unreal and worth the time.
    Thx for any help!

  22. * If someone really takes the time. I have no problem e-transferring some cash

  23. This patch is compatible only for Xbox RGH and JTAG?

  24. Is there a way to have the matches play AI vs AI (play without a controller…let the game play by itself and only be the manager?)
    I would love this option on manager career, is this possible? is there any patch that has this feature or could it be in the next update?
    Thanks a lot in advance!

  25. Tell me how do you do please…Help—Help—HELP

  26. How I install this mod I don´t understand readme can someone make a tutorial thanks

  27. hello mate will come out this mod for fifa 15 xbox 360 ??

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