Stadium Server 15 V.2.1

After the big success with FIFA 14, the Stadium Server tool is back for FIFA 15 aswell! After nearly a full month of hard work from our team member shawminator he is proud to present you one of the best FIFA tools ever made, Stadium Server 15. For a complete description of its features please check down bellow:



Stadium Server:
Allows you to add an infinite number of stadiums to your FIFA 15 and assign them to specific teams and tournament rounds.

Scoreboard Server:
Allows you to assign unlimited overlays (only TV Logos currently) to tournaments.

Movies Server:
Allows you to assign specific intro movie files to teams or tournaments before a match

Additional Files:
Fir Park Stadium (Motherwell)
BBC Sport Intro
Three HD TV Logos


– Fixed compatibility with FIFA 15 Title Update 1.4

– Added Server Map


– You can now add additional pitchmow patterns and net textures (Same method as adding TV logos)

– The tool now automatically checks version of exe and assigns correct values.

–  Includes ServerMap.dll update for use with FIFA15.exe v.1.5., v.1.6., v.1.7.

– Compatibility with MW and EEP mods included.


– Scoreboard Server Update


Download the .dll compatibility with FIFA 15 v.1.8 here.


The tool doesn’t modifies the database and therefore it’s safe to use it on your saved career/tournament modes!

Tool is not compatible with online modes! (FUT, Seasons, etc)


Made by shawminator

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


Report Missing File !

Author: shawminator


  1. when I try to assign a scoreboard it says: “There is no Competition id available at this time”

  2. all was fine until scoreboard assign, “There is no Competition id available at this time”. I imported logos from Tv folder to scoreboardGBD

  3. If you have any issues please supply a screen shot of the stadium server in the forum thread and i will check out ur problem

  4. If someone made the stadium in the main picture (the new Atlanta Falcons/Atlanta MLS stadium) I would be the happiest FIFA player ever being from Atlanta haha… so excited for when they actually build it

  5. Tried to install this and it says my version of Fifa 15 is not compatible

  6. Please build a tool, where you can create or design your own stadium. I know it is hard but this is my only wish for Fifa

  7. HELP ! When I click on SETUP FOLDERS

  8. can someone tell me how to this properly I have no idea

  9. I cant download the ServerMap v1.8 :/

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