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Hey guys thought i would throw this out there,  the following are a few screens from our fifa16 explorer
as its still in the early stages there is only export function available, every file is exportable!

kit files use a new chunlzma, (Decompressed in explorer)
easf files (decrypted in explorer)
every lua file is available to export as well as all the dlc folder

the tool also alows for regen of the file that u export so that it will use the folder file rathe rthan the big.

texture are available to export in both DDS and png format.
you can also open an exported file or folder

Crowd 3d preview and glare 3d preview is also available (See last screen)

Credits for this go to Myself and Greg(arianos10) from 3dgamedevblog
and to malloc84 for his valuable debugging advice


V.0.8 release notes:
Setup file for easy install
Full VP8 Video Encoding(from most formats)
vp8 video playback(no audio atm)
Full DB Master integrated controls(everything available in db master)
added a check for update to save checking here.
ball 3d preview
Boots 3d preview
GK Gloves 3d preview
Fifa dir now shows the folders in sorted order(for numbers it will be like 1,2,21,3,35,56,4,41 etc….)
u can search for team name followed a key word for example:-
manchester city_kit ,arsenal_ball , motherwell_adboard
Reported bugs fixed, thanks for reporting these
export Language files from locale.big
Scoreboard creator
simple live DB editor, basic funtions for now

v.0.7 release notes:
Full DDS Texture import for rx3 and big files
Selected png import for dxt1,dxt3 and dxt5 files
Basic hex editor
Edit function for txt,ini and lua files (Any txt file)
new xml viewer.
new icons, plus new option to switch between normal bigs and head bigs

V.0.6 release notes:
Every texture bar one now visable and exportable(the only one left is the first sky texture) thes include the ball normals the all kit textures, all pitch texture including the dirtdecal etc…..
Setting tab to set up your prefered export
check list on file list to allow multiple exports at once,
integrated 3d previewer for crowd and glares(more to come on that front)
The full form is now resizable
plus lots of small fixes in the background

Drag & Drop PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


Report Missing File !

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