FIFA 16 EASF File Manager v.0.1

Here is a first 0.1 version of the new FIFA 16 EASF File Manager.

While it is still under heavy development (File Manager, not EASF decryption), I will update the tool a lot. Especially when FIFA 16 Retail gets out so we can read all the proper files. Anyway, enjoy!

// FIFA 16 EASF File Manager_v0.1

* Initial Release
* Since this is demo and most of the files are not complete we will start easy. Available Graphic .lua scripts for modding
* Added Export function. The function is early dev so it will save the file to the root of your C: drive. It works for all files
* Added proper recursive value retreival
* Algorithm for reading the .lua scripts might skip ones that are generated during FIFA 16 runtime (when the game is running).
This is because game then takes values from the database.


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