FIFA 18 Ballpack Nicked V1

Balls for FIFA 18.

Hi-Vis [Epl,LaLiga] UCl [17/18 GroupStage, 17/18 Knockout Stage, 18/19 New Season] ____________________________________

To use UCL balls:
You will have to assign them manually because the model is different from the default one.

Balls ID    Ball Name
13               UEFA Champions League 18/19
14               UEFA Champions League 17/18 GroupStage
               UEFA Champions League 17/18 KnockoutStage
40                Nike Ordem La-Liga Hi-Vis
41                 Nike Ordem EPL Hi-Vis

If any troubles, just let me know in my forum or on youtube.

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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