FIFA 18 Mega Pack Mod Barcelona

Hello 🙂

Creator : This Mega Pack Mod for Barcelona was made by Rolls.

What is it ? : This is a compilation of ALL KITS for Barcelona (Home, Away and Third jersey) made by me AND other modders.

How many kits ? : 17 kits

GAME : FIFA 18 only.

My website : https://rolls1.weebly.com/

My Discord : Rolls#7831

Hope you like it ! 

Manual Install PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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Author: Rolls1

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  1. Hi, can you please share the texture files so I can use it older versions of fifa which uses ignite engine. The kits really look awesome!

  2. Hello, I will convert all my kits for FIFA 19 (and FIFA 17 also)
    but sorry i won’t share the DDS files because it’s my creations and I don’t want to be stole, hope you understand :/
    thx for comment

  3. Oh that’s OK, I’m still playing fifa 16 so thought of using it in it. Anyways thanks.

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