FIFA 21 – Ted Lasso / AFC Richmond Mod v.1.0

The AFC Richmond / Ted Lasso mod for FIFA 21 has been made by Somersgaming and features extensive changes in order to put them into the game.

The mod only works on PC and requires a copy of FIFA21 and the FIFA EDITOR TOOL mod manager to work.

Place the Squad file (SquadsLasso) and Career save file (CareerLasso) in your settings folder (standard install location = Documents>FIFA21/settings)

Once installed, load FIFA EDITOR TOOL mod manager and click Import Mod(s) in the bottom left corner. Select the file(s) you wish to add

There are two files available for you to download – the EFL GK LICENSING MOD is optional and just replaces the English teams that have generic goalkeeper kits with more accurate versions.

Click on the file in the left hand panel and click Apply Mod(s)

Then click Launch

The first time you load the game through the mod manager it will take a short while to build a profile for the mod, this will take up approximately 40GB of HDD space so make sure you have enough space beforehand.


The facemod for Ted Lasso has been created by BR7 (@BR7mods) and remains his property although included in the mod. The career save has the face applied to manager already but if you wish to start your own save and use the facemod you can change a player/manager in RDBM or with the cheat engine using the ID 256913!

Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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Author: SomersGaming

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