FIFA 22 – Enhanced Gameplay #0.8

This mod will enhance your FIFA 22 gameplay experience on PC thanks to the following changes:

● Slower player movement, action, and animation
● Slower changing direction, stopping, turning, etc
● [+] Less sprint speed for injured player
● [+] Adjusted player movements, speed, acceleration, and animations
● [+] Fix player sudden turn

● More errors when in transition
● [+] Able to target further player when aiming to pass the ball
● [+] Adjusted passing mechanics (distance, elevation, height, etc)
● [+] Dynamic passing difficulty based on angle the player is facing
● [+] Slower speed for all type of pass especially ground passes

● [+] Adjusted shooting mechanics
● [+] Adjusted shooting errors

Dribbling / Traps
● Ball didn’t stick to player feet anymore
● More ball touch and traps error
● Slower when interrupted
● Adjusted ball knock and flick power
● [+] Adjusted dribbling & trapping mechanics to be more realistic

● Less flair passes
● Aggresive dribbling and attacking to space
● Harder turning-shots (180 degree back-to-the-net type of shots)
● More free-kick wall jump and charge
● More throw in range
● [+] Better decision making
● [+] More error at drbbling, shooting, etc
● [+] Less ping pong passes by CPU, more varied passes by CPU
● [+] Adjusted CPU markings, more team press by CPU when losing
● [+] Adjusted CPU tackles (range, intensity, error, etc)
● [+] Player marking tightness is more affected by team pressure style

Physicality / Physique
● More physical battle for the ball
● Contacts are more reliant on player attributes (strength, size, weight, etc)
● Shoulder bumps are more effective
● Fatigue players are more likely to get injured
● [+] Headers generate more power
● [+] Adjusted body and player collision physics, more body collision, stumbles, and falls
● [+] More injury probability
● [+] Slower short term stamina consumption
● [+] Able to dribble around without consuming too much stamina
● [+] Adjusted player balance

● [+] Adjusted formation width to be more compact
● [+] More attacking runs allowing more creative plays

● [+] Smarter defender marking and covers
● [+] Players can move more freely from their formation, will make marking better
● [+] Higher defending line when losing possession, defenders doesn’t immediately drop the line
● [+] More varied player marking tightness based on team pressure style
● [+] Adjusted blocking & intercept mechanics to be less overpowered
● [+] Midfielders track back

● [+] Adjusted referee strictness for giving out cards and calling fouls
● [+] Refs allow more handball outside penaltybox

● Slower gameplay pace overall
● More noticeable player animation (gestures, call for pass, etc)
● Removed all pre-match attribute boosts
● [+] Better GK diving coverage
● [+] Player perform more according to their attributes
● [+] Player work rate have more effects on attack and defense
● [+] Adjusted header mechanics

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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