FIFA 23 Scoreboard Switcher

This is a scoreboard switching program I created for FIFA 23 PC. It can switch scoreboards in real time.

It must be used with Aranaktu’s FIFA 23 Live Editor!


  1. Overwrite to the folder where FIFA23.exe is located.
  2. Start FIFA23 Resource Manager. You can set Start Origin in the Explorer. (Right click the Origin icon, and then select the Origin path. You only need to set it once.)
  3. You must start the game from FIFA 23 Live Editor (after entering the game, you can press F9 to hide the FIFA 23 Live Editor interface).
  4. Before entering the game, press F2 to call out the resource manager, double-click to select the scoreboard you need, and then press F1 to hide the resource manager, and then enter the game.

Here you can find a video preview of how the tool works.

This is a trial version only. There are only a few scoreboards. More scoreboards will be added to the official version in the future.

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: KO

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