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FIFA 22 Classic Mod

This mod features classic teams from different periods with players that made history in world football! Download consists of: Mod file for all overridden faces The other mod file for custom kits Squad file List of classic clubs available: ENGLAND ...

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FIFA 21 Classic Boots Patch

Classical shoes Giant lmpact 3, all the shoes you can see in legacy have been replaced, a total of 216 boots, 100% classical shoes. Also replaced and added 7 T90 boots. Great thanks to scottm0351 for Vapor IVIII&VI & F50 ...

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Classic Patch 14

Classic Patch 14 by GIGGIRIVA, atomasoni and acicog The latest version of FIFA Classic Patch 14 is here! No need multiple installation, it’s All-In-One. You have only to replace the “db” folder with our archives. Now available for download featuring many features ...

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Classic Patch 16

CLASSIC PATCH 16 by ACICOG, GIGGIRIVA and Atomasoni. Play with all the legends of football. Relive your childhood with your football heroes! FEATURES OF CLASSIC PATCH 16: 2-point system Old shorts from 1974-1986 Real classic logo Minikits by Ovide, pao4ever, ...

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Sputnik Automated Bootpack v2 for Classic Patch 14

Like the first artificial Earth satellite Sputnik 1, this bootpack will guide you through the years 1994-2018 with most era appropriate boots being used automatically in Classic Patch 14. Credits: Scouser for making this possible; Alex10, RD86, Pao4ever, Barrysun, Xuskan, ...

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Classic Patch for FIFA14 – Club Edition

This patch adds the following classic tournaments: European Cup 1955-60 – 1960-65 – 1965-70 – 1970-75 – 1975-80 – 1980-85 – 1985-90 – 1990-95 Latina Cup 1950-55 – 1955-60 Copa Libertadores 1960-65 – 1965-70 – 1970-75 – 1975-80 – 1980-85 ...

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